Australiens dolda skatter

Innan jag kom till Australien visste jag ingenting om det här landet. Jag kände till den stora stenen i mitten, barriärrevet och operahuset. Jag antog att resten bestod av röd sand och gula buskar. Men efter att ha sett så mycket otroligt vackert här så insåg jag att det kanske finns mer där ute trots allt. Jag började googla. Och ja. Det finns mer! Och inte så lite heller! Det svåra är bara att hitta allt. Vill inte påstå att Australiensare är duktiga på det här med internet, eller göra reklam för det vackra dom faktiskt har. Men nu blir det åtminstone enkelt för dig!
Shark Bay, WA
Shark Bay is a World Heritage Site in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. It is an area centred approximately 800 kilometres north of Perth, on the westernmost point of Australia. The area has a population of fewer than 1,000 people and a coastline of over 1,500 kilometres. The half-dozen small communities making up this population occupy less than 1% of the total area.
Back beach, Sorrento, VIC
Sorrento Ocean or Back Beach lies at the end of Ocean Beach Road, 1.5 km south of the bayside town of Sorrento.The beach lies in a natural amphitheatre formed by the protruding western headland and the patchy offshore reefs.
Bungle Bungles, WA
Bungle Bungle Range is the landform that is the major component of the Purnululu National Park in Western Australia - it is often used as a synonym for the national park area.The distinctive beehive-shaped towers are made up of sandstones and conglomerates (rocks composed mainly of pebbles and boulders and cemented together by finer material). These sedimentary formations were deposited into the Ord Basin 375 to 350 million years ago, when active faults were altering the landscape. The combined effects of wind from the Tanami Desert and rainfall over millions of years shaped the domes. Weathering also helped create this marvel. Water seeps into the rock, and at night it expands as it gets colder. This creates small cracks which eventually wears out the rocks.
Ball´s Pyramid, Lord Howe Island marine park, NSW
23 kilometres southeast of the island of Lord Howe, the world’s tallest sea stack and the site of some of Australia’s most remarkable diving can be found – the 562 metre tall Balls Pyramid. Ball's Pyramid is an erosional remnant of a shield volcano and caldera that formed about 7 million years ago.
Rocky Creek Canyon, Wollemi nationalpark, NSW
At over 487,000 hectares, Wollemi National Park is the second largest park in the state behind Kosciuszko. Lying around 150km north west of Sydney, it forms part of an amazing belt of green that surrounds the city. It contains the largest remaining area of wilderness in NSW. It is also part of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. As an area for adventuring it is almost without peer. Few people venture more than a handful of kilometres from the boundaries of the park, and as a result there is an intense feeling of remoteness once you head into the interior. Weeks can be spent bushwalking, canyoning, liloing and climbing in various areas of Wollemi.
Stromatolites, WA
Stromatolites are rock-like structures built by microbes (single-celled cyanobacteria, also known as blue-green algae). Shark Bay’s stromatolites are only 2,000 to 3,000 years old, but they are similar to life forms found on Earth up to 3.5 billion years ago! They provide a unique insight into what the world was like at the dawn of time.
Karijini National Park, WA
Karijini National Park, the rugged beauty of the Gorges, it's beautiful waterfalls and sparkling rock pools make the Karijini National Park, a must see destination for all visitors to Western Australia. Karijini is Western Australia’s second largest National Park. Located in the State’s North West, the National Park is an ideal getaway for those wanting to escape the usual hot spots, explore the Outback, and be able to travel around in a 2WD or 4WD. Centred on the Hamersley Range, Karijini boasts rugged landscape, stunning gorges, and breathtaking waterfalls.
Lake Rose Hillier, WA
Lake Hillier is a lake on Middle Island, Western Australia. The most notable feature of this lake is its pink colour. The colour is permanent, and does not alter when the water is taken in a container. Although the source of the pink colour has not been definitively proven in the case of Lake Hillier, the pink colour of other salt lakes (e.g., Pink Lake) in the region arises from a dye created by the organisms Dunaliella salina and Halobacteria. Another hypothesis is that the pink colour is due to red halophilic bacteria in the salt crusts. Despite the unusual hue, the lake exhibits no known adverse effects upon humans.

Natural bridge, Springbrook Nationalpark, QLD
The Natural Bridge is a naturally formed rock arch over Cave Creek, a tributary of the Nerang River. It was formed from a waterfall which undercut a cave beneath the waterfall and dug a pothole on top, until the two joined and the creek flowed through the cave, leaving an arch across the front. The cave is home to a colony of glow worms and commercial operators lead night tours into the cave.

Natures Window, Kalbarri national park, WA
The diverse landscapes of Kalbarri National Park in WA offer an equally diverse array of things to see and do. Marvel at its dramatic river gorges and coastal cliffs, believed to be 400 million years in the making. The gorges and formations carved by the Murchison River attract thousands of visitors to Kalbarri National Park every year. A 400m walk from the car park brings you directly to one of WA’s most iconic natural attractions, Nature’s Window. This natural rock arch frames the river view perfectly.
Wave Rock, Hyden Wildlife Park, WA
4 metres high, and 110m long, the face of Wave Rock appears ready to crash onto a pre-historic surf, now frozen in time. Believed to have formed over 2700 million years ago, Wave Rock is part of the northern face of Hyden Rock.  The shape of the wave is formed by gradual erosion of the softer rock beneath the upper edge, over many centuries. There are actually several examples of such "waves" in the Hyden area, it is well worth the effort to see some of the other smaller, but equally spectacular, ones. The colours of the Wave are caused by the rain washing chemical deposits (carbonates and iron hydroxide) down the face, forming vertical stripes of greys reds and yellows. It is also worth seeing the Rock at different times of the day, as the changing sunlight alters its colours and appearance.
Whitehaven beach, Whitsunday Island, QLD
Whitehaven Beach is known for its white sands. The sand consists of 98% pure silica which gives it a bright white color. Local rocks do not contain silica so it has been suggested that the sands were brought to the beach via prevailing sea currents over millions of years. Unlike regular sand, the sand on Whitehaven Beach does not retain heat making it comfortable to walk barefoot on a hot day. This sand is also very fine, and can damage electronic equipment such as telephones and cameras, although it is good at polishing up jewellery.
The Grand Pacific Drive, Wollongong to Sydney, NSW
The 665 metre Sea Cliff Bridge is a highlight along Grand Pacific Drive. The bridge has become an icon to the people of Wollongong and around the world, once again welcoming tourists’ annually to this picturesque coastal road. Opened in December 2005, the Sea Cliff Bridge offers visitors the chance to get out of the car and stretch their legs. It is also a great viewing platform for migrating whales heading north/south during migrating season.
Pinnacle desert, Nambung National Park, WA
The Pinnacles are limestone formations contained within Nambung National Park, near the town of Cervantes, Western Australia. The raw material for the limestone of the Pinnacles came from seashells in an earlier epoch rich in marine life. These shells were broken down into lime rich sands which were blown inland to form high mobile dunes.
The painted cliffs, Maria Island, TAS
The geology of Maria Island is of great interest as it contains features from many geological ages. The Triassic sandstones of the Painted Cliffs is one such feature. Although this sort of rock formation is not uncommon, it is rare in a natural situation for it to be so extensively and beautifully exposed. The wonderful patterns are caused by ground water percolating down through the already formed sandstone and leaving traces of iron oxides, which have stained the rock formation. This probably occurred millions of years ago in a monsoonal climate.
Kangaroo Island, Flinders Chase National Park, SA
Kangaroo Island is known for its amazing wildlife experiences and some of its best attractions are found in Flinders Chase National Park. From wind-sculpted rock formations that sit atop a smooth granite dome known as Remarkable Rocks to Admirals Arch, a perfect sweep of rock under which the surf pounds and New Zealand Fur Seals play or the beautiful beach at West Bay and the walk to the mouth of the Rocky River.
Devils marbles, Alice springs, NT
The area is located near Wauchope, in the Northern Territory. The site is known as Karlu Karlu to the land's Aboriginal traditional owners. The ‘Devils Marbles’ or ‘Karlu Karlu’ with its gigantic, rounded granite boulders, some spectacularly poised, is a remarkable landscape. Scattered clusters of these ‘marbles’, including many balancing rocks, are spread across a wide, shallow valley. The Devils Marbles is a nationally and internationally recognised symbol of Australia’s outback.
Det kryper i fingrarna! Måsteplaneraroadtripinförhelgennu!

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Fantastiska värld!

Jag sitter och förundras över vilken fantastisk natur det finns där ute. Som bara väntar på att få bli besökt av mig. Jag är sugen på att resa. Jag är sugen som fan. Måste.... hitta.... naturreservat.... i.... närheten..... helst.... men.... går.... bra..... på.... typ.... Nya Zealand...... också! Tills vidare tänker jag dela med mig av lite inspiration till världen om världen! Var redo att förundras.
Waiotapu Geothermal area of New Zealand
Waiotapu is an active geothermal area at the southern end of the Okataina Volcanic Centre, just north of the Reporoa caldera, in New Zealand's Taupo Volcanic Zone. The area has many hot springs noted for their colourful appearance, in addition to the Lady Knox Geyser, Champagne Pool, Artist's Palette, Primrose Terrace and boiling mud pools. The geothermal area covers 18 square kilometres.
White desert. "Sahara El-Beyda" Egypt
It is placed near the smallest oasis in Egypt, Farfara. Sand in deserts is usual yellow, however, the sand in White Desert is surprisingly white and that is how this place got its name. At the nights, this place looks like some snowy landscape. The fact that it is not far away from Black Desert and Crystal Mountain has made significant contribution to its popularity amongst tourists. It is known as a place where unusual chalk rocks can be found. Such rocks are shaped by low-level wind erosion. One of the most famous rocks which can be found here is so-called Mushroom Rock which incredibly reminds to giant mushroom.
The puente del inca, Argentina
Puente del Inca (Spanish "The Inca's Bridge"), is a natural arch that forms a bridge over the Vacas River, a tributary of the Mendoza River. It is located in Mendoza Province, Argentina, near Las Cuevas. Puente del Inca is also the name of the nearby hot springs. Scientists speculate that interaction of extreme elements like ice and hot springs was involved in the origin of the formation. They suppose that in ancient times ice covered the river and acted as support for avalanches of snow, dust and rocks. So the dust over the ice over the river would have served as a path for the sulfurous water and petrified the surface, so when the snow melted, the bridge remained by itself.
The underwater forrest of Lake Kaindy, Kazakhstan
Kaindy Lake is a 400 meter long lake in Kazakhstan’s portion of the Tian Shan Mountains located 129 km from the city of Almaty. The lake was created after an earthquake in 1911 that triggered a large landslide blocking the gorge and forming a natural dam. Subsequently, rainwater filled the valley and created the lake.

The lake is famous for its scenic beauty particularly the submerged forest and the imposing trunks of spruce trees that rises out of the lake water. Above water, the sunken trees appear as large masts from lost ghost ships, or perhaps the spears of a mysterious army hiding and waiting for the right time to emerge.

The water is so cold (even in summer the temperature does not exceed 6 degrees) that the great pines still remain on the trees, even 100 years later. Because of the clear mountain water, you can see deep into the depths of the lake. In winter, the surface of the lake freezes over and during this time, Lake Kaindy becomes a great spot for trout fishing and ice diving.

Ankarana national park, Madagascar
Ankarana Special Reserve in northern Madagascar was created in 1956. It is a small, partially vegetated plateau composed of 150-million-year-old middle Jurassic limestone. With an average annual rainfall of about 2,000 millimetres,the underlying rocks are susceptible to erosion, thereby producing caves and underground rivers. The rugged relief and the dense vegetation have helped protect the region from human intrusion. To the south, the limestone mass breaks up into separate spires known as tower karst. In the center of the plateau, seismic activity and eons of rainfall have dissolved the limestone away in deep gorges, and sometimes redeposited it in ribbons of flowstone. In places where the calcific upper layers have been completely eroded, the harder base rock has been etched into channels and ridges known as tsingy.
Ankarana Special Reserve is located about 108km south of Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) and covers 18,220ha. Ankarana is known for its limestone karst pinnacles called tsingy along with its extensive cave system and network of underground rivers -- some of which contain crocodiles. Dry deciduous forest is found in much of the reserve.

Ankarana may have the highest density of primates of any forest in the world according to Bradt's Madagascar Wildlife - See more at:
Ankarana Special Reserve is located about 108km south of Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) and covers 18,220ha. Ankarana is known for its limestone karst pinnacles called tsingy along with its extensive cave system and network of underground rivers -- some of which contain crocodiles. Dry deciduous forest is found in much of the reserve.

Ankarana may have the highest density of primates of any forest in the world according to Bradt's Madagascar Wildlife - See more at:
Ankarana Special Reserve is located about 108km south of Antsiranana (Diego Suarez) and covers 18,220ha. Ankarana is known for its limestone karst pinnacles called tsingy along with its extensive cave system and network of underground rivers -- some of which contain crocodiles. Dry deciduous forest is found in much of the reserve.

Ankarana may have the highest density of primates of any forest in the world according to Bradt's Madagascar Wildlife - See more at:
Devil´s bath, Waiotapu, New Zealand
Suspended sulphur is responsible for the bright green color of the Devil's Bath, an eruption crater lake also located in the WaioTapu Thermal Wonderland near Rotorua, New Zealand.
Heaven´s gate stairs, Tian Men Shan, Zhangjiajie, China
Heaven’s Gate in the Tianmen Mountains of China is thought in local legend as the connection from mere mortals to the gods above. Steps carved out of the rock, supplemented by a number of wooden huts dotted along the route. Whilst the origin of the steps is unknown, each one is carved from the mountainside, forming 999 rungs on an epic ladder towards enlightenment.  The purpose of these huts is contested in Chinese legend, seeking to serve either as a place of rest and worship, or to relax looking out over the world. This awe inspiring site, Heaven’s Gate is typically shadowed by blazing sunlight or mystical fog.
Horseshoe bend on the Colorado River, USA
Horseshoe Bend is the name for a horseshoe-shaped meander of the Colorado River located near the town of Page, Arizona, in the United States. It is located 8.0 km downstream from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell within Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, about 6.4 km southwest of Page. Accessible via a 0.8 km hike from U.S. Route 89, it can be viewed from the steep cliff above.
Hvitserkur, Iceland
Hvitserkur, which translates to "white shirt" and derives its name from being covered in Shag and Cormorant guano, rises 15 metres, or nearly 50 feet from the sea. Once the plug of a volcano, over the years the craters surrounding the rock plug gave way to the pounding Atlantic Ocean leaving only the unusual outcropping Hvítserkur behind. Curiously Hvítserkur itself would have given way to the ocean as well, had its foundations not been shored up with concrete some years ago.

Said to look like a dragon drinking from the water, the Icelandic legend has it that it was a troll who forgot to retreat from the light and was turned to stone in the sunrise. The geological oddity was commemorated on an Icelandic stamp in 1990.

Mount Danxia, Guangdong, China
The Danxia landform refers to various landscapes found in southeast and southwest China that "consist of a red bed characterized by steep cliffs". It is a unique type of petrographic geomorphology found in China. Danxia landform is formed from red-coloured sandstones and conglomerates of largely Cretaceous age. The landforms look very much like karst topography that forms in areas underlain by limestones, but since the rocks that form danxia are sandstones and conglomerates, they have been called "pseudo-karst" landforms. Danxia landforms cover several provinces in southeast China. Taining County, Fujian Province, has very good examples of "young" danxia landforms wherein deep, narrow valleys have been formed. As the landform gets older, valleys widen and one gets isolated towers and ridges. The danxia landform is named after Mount Danxia, one of the most famous examples of the danxia landform.
Mostnica Gorge, Slovenia
The Mostnica Gorge is situated in the Alpine valley Voje, which lies northeast of the Lake Bohinj near the village Stara Fuzina. The river beds are approximately two kilometre long gorge, which was excavated by the brook Mostnica. The Mostnica Gorge is on some places very narrow, only one metre. The most deep is by the Devil's Bridge, about 20 metres. The Devil's Bridge was built in the year 1777 by baron Ziga Zois for easier supply with charcoal and iron ore from nearby hills. The bridge from carved stone is remarkable constructional work, because it was built in one arch above the steep gorge of the brook Mostnica. The most interesting things in the Mostnica Gorge are the rock in the shape of the small elephant and the many bridges.
Mount Tianmen, Zhangjiajie, China
Tianmen Mountain is a mountain located within Tianmen Mountain National Park, Zhangjiajie, in northwestern Hunan Province, China. A cablecar was constructed by the French company Poma from nearby Zhangjiajie railway station to the top of the mountain. Tianmen Mountain Cableway is claimed in tourist publications as the "longest passenger cableway of high mountains in the world", with 98 cars and a total length of 7,455 metres and ascent of 1,279 metres.The highest gradient is an unusual 37 degrees. Tourists can walk on kilometres of paths built onto the cliff face at the top of the mountain, including sections with glass floors. A large temple is also located on the summit with chairlift or footpath access. The original temple here was built in the Tang Dynasty. Today a more recent construction with Tang dynasty architecture occupies the site and includes a vegetarian restaurant in the 10000 sq m of setting.

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Helg av hopp

Vi orkade inte göra nånting i helgen så vi for och hoppade istället. Inte så logiskt såhär i efterhand. Är helt slut på. Tänkte att jag skulle övertala Jay till att signa mitt B-cert. Vilket jag lyckades med! Det betyder att jag inte får göra någonting nytt egentligen. Men det är ett steg på vägen till C-cert! Dom vill att jag ska landa inom 10m från krysset 20 gånger i rad. Om jag misslyckas med ett får jag börja om. Lycka till! Jag är,som bekant, extremt värdelös på landningar. Jag gick en pilotkurs för att bli bättre. Vart jag bättre? Nej... Inte alls faktiskt. Hur som helst så var det en riktigt rolig helg. Jag "glömde" dock att case:a igen.. dom hatar mig där borta nu.
Håkan tyckte inte om min golfarutstyrsel. Som jag sa till Simon: "I´m incredible hot today? This may be my finest moment!" Jag tror vi alla håller med om att så var fallet? Dumma Håkan;-P

Kissing the sky!
Håkan la stort engagemang på att vara duktig radioskötare.
Jag letar efter våra resenärer. En försökte landa direkt PÅ bussen. Han fick skäll.
Håkan däremot ville unik-titta efter resenärerna.

Kanske den snyggaste skärmen i världen?
Fick köra lite buss så jag inte skulle få hemlängtan;-P
Ensam stackare.... Och då menar jag personen i bussen.
Nu blir det kikärtsbiffar. Det låter konstigt, så det måste vara bra!

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Färdig. Igen.

Jag har gjort klart tatueringarna. Dom på benen alltså. Har nog sällan varit så nöjd med något. Sophie rocks! Måste kanske gå dit igen...
Vad ska jag hitta på härnäst? Hmmmmmmm.

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Vi köpte Rockyroads och Boost (juice) och letade rätt på närmaste grönområde för att förtära dessa ädla matvaror. Vi spelade musik på högsta volym på samsungen och försökte att inte tänka på den stressiga vardagen. Jag tog det djärva beslutet att göra kullerbyttor nerför backen. Efter första rullningen gav jag upp. Damn it hurt! Men i övrigt var det riktigt kul att inte göra någonting vettigt alls!
Gräset såg mjukt och fluffigt ut. Och det var det också. Men det gjorde ont i min beniga ryggrad ändå!
Håkan intar picknick. Så enkelt men så genialiskt. GOTT!
 Jag fångar månen.
Vi äter månen!
Och medans jag försöker göra ännu ett konstverk genom ett fotografi kom Håkan och var elak som vanligt. Men den här gången fick jag bildbevis på hans ondska! Så sätt igång och hata!

"Elektriker borde gilla elledningar" tänkte jag. Och ja, det gjorde han!
Hittade en konstig and med världens största fötter. Han hade även ett sorgset ljud som vi skrattade åt för att vi är ondskefulla. Men lyssna bara på det!
 Svarta mördaränder med vit näbb och röda ögon. Obehagligt!
Så gör man absolut ingenting på en ledig dag! Fler tips och trix kommer i framtiden!

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Kooragang national park

 Jag och Håkan for till den lilla mini nationalparken som är mitt i Newcastle: Kooragang Island. Det var fint där ute med! Vi hittade på en massa bus och chillade i solen mest hela dagen. Det var skönt!
 Jag finner gud bland axen! (Veten? Havren? Cornflakesen? Ölen?!)
Turtle KAN flyga!
Wetlands är ovanligt torra såhär års!
Det fanns en miljon med konstiga pinnar överallt som vi inte kunde förstå om dom var början till träd (?) eller molusker. Ingen av oss visste vad en molusk var. Och det stod att det skulle finnas molusker här (?).
 Vi hittade ett fält som påminde oss om Sverige!
 River of death. Eller bara en uttorkad flod.
Ior hittade en tistel att äta. Har sällan sett honom så glad!:)
Ja det är konstigt. Men vi fann gangstah-graffiti i nationalparken. Jag undrar hur den konversationen gick till när dom bestämde sig för att kånka sina sprayburkar ut i naturen. Hur som helst så matchade det min tröja!
 Håkan försökte locka till sig fjärilar. Gick väl sådär...

 Hittade en finfin gräsmatta som vi spenderade tid på. MYCKET tid. Det var mysigt!
 Som sagt... MYCKET tid.
Vi fick oss lite kultur också i form av bunkrar från kriget. Vilket krig undrar du? Ja det undrar jag med!
 Det var en salig blandning mellan liv och död på det här stället. Vet inte om dom försöker säga oss något? Eller om det bara landat utomjordingar här! Ja det kan vara logiskt om man bara har viljan.

Trevlig dag, trevligt väder, trevligt sällskap, trevligt fika. Den här dagen var som rätt.... trevlig!

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Äcklad av kött

Jag har alltid varit köttätare av rang. Kött till kött tyckte jag var en ypperlig idé. Men min dubbelmoral som djurälskare kom en dag ikapp mig. Jag bestämde mig för att bli vegetarian. Åtminstone en dag i veckan! Insåg att det faktiskt finns fantastiskt god vegetarisk mat. Jag började äta vegetariskt 3 dagar i veckan. Vegetariskt är mycket lättare att lyckas med än kött! Jag började äta vegetariskt 7dagar i veckan. Och kött, en gång min bästa vän, var nu något som äcklade mig. Det är samma fenomen som när man slutar äta godis. Efter ett tag börjar socker äckla en. Men kött desto mer, pga dess ursprung. Min far kommer förmodligen säga upp bekantskapen. Men det är det värt;-P Jag kommer dock fortfarande äta det som bjuds hos andra. jävla vegetariskt får det ju inte bli så att folk ska måsta göra sig till för mig skull.
Morotsbiffar. Ser konstigt ut. Är hur gott som helst!
Bra för mijön är det också! Jag borde vinna World Environment Awards... Just saying.

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Jag saknar verkligen en hund att ta hand om! Livet var roligt då vi hade Bailey. Livet var roligt då vi hade Jess. Livet var fantastiskt roligt då vi hade Bogey! Nu är livet mörkt och dystert. Iaf om det inte vore för det fantastiska solskens-vädret hela jävla tiden! Ironiskt nog är det precis det som får mig att bli deppig. Det är så jävla bra väder hela tiden men jag har ingen att gå ut och leka med. Speciellt inte nu när Håkan bor i Singelton 6dagar i veckan. Får utföra min plan om olaglig införsel av Laban!
Jag chillaxade i godan ro då någon tyckte: "Nähähädu!"

Sitter som ett mongo!
Vi stog stilla med bilen här givetvis... ehrm.
Nu hoppas jag även att Yukthi blir glad. Medans vi hade hand om Bogey gnällde hon över att jag la upp för mycket bilder på mig själv och för lite på Bogey! This is all I have! Enjoy, dammit!;-D

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Söndags skoj

Jag är nära 30 men känner mig som 13. Håkan är nära 30 men han går att lura till VADSOMHELST!:-D
Vi hade inget att göra i Söndags. Satt och deppade om hur jobbigt det är att ta beslut i livet. Jag saknar Laban så jag har ont i magen. Håkan saknar sin familj och vänner så vi bestämde oss för att flytta tillbaka till Europa. Men så fick Håkan helt plötsligt ett grymt och välbetalt jobb. Han vart glad!
Och jag fick ett fantastiskt roligt erbjudande om att jobba gratis. Lät som en ypperlig idé tycker jag! Dels för att det är uppe i Queensland och dels för att jag inte har lust att seriös-jobba just nu. Elin vart glad! Så nu har jag mycket att tänka på.
Men för att slippa tänka drog vi helt random till Newcastle i Söndags. Vi fikade lyxfika på Frankie´s place (världens grymmaste café). Vi fånade oss genom hela staden. Hittade ett vackert hidden lookout som vi fånade oss lite mera på och sedan tog vi det intesåvuxna beslutet att äta chokladfondue till middag. Det kan ha varit den bästa dagen någonsin!!
Som sagt... fånade oss;-D
Håkan utför någon sorts kampsport... Tror jag iaf?
Mmmm, chokladfondue!

Vi träffade ett roligt par i parken som hade en ny leksak: Curveboard. Ska komma ihåg det till nästa gång vi är uttråkade!
Alla vinklar skall prövas innan jag dör!
Moln är fantastiska!

Ser nästan ut som på Mars! Förutom vattnet då... Och den blå himlen...
Bruce is back!
Tänk att bara ströa omkring kan vara så kul!

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Jag skulle vilja veta hur hen som döpte denna stad tänkte. Men bortsett från sitt namn är Killcare ett väldigt trevligt ställe. Ett litet minisamhälle på spetsen av en udde. Det ser inte alls dumt ut faktiskt. Jag och Håkan vart frälsta och ville genast flytta in. Tyvärr är det 78mil från allt som kallas stad så det kan bli tungt att hitta sig något att göra där. Kanske inte göra nånting alls helt enkelt? Jag vill inte jobba? Vem vill egentligen?
Har du inte båt i Killcare så är du inte någon.
Jag hittade något vanskligt att klättra ut på. Det var desto svårare att komma tillbaka!
Stora gröna växter!
Det här med namn är som sagt inte den här ortens starka sida. Restaurangen YumYum.
Fint litet mormors-hus.
Håkan var fasligt glad över en öl(?).
Yoga på brygga. Vi hade inte så mycket för oss. Okej?
Skön eftermiddag!

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Gör Wickedmuffin till din startsida!